Granite State Meets

Granite State Meets is a Facebook group that hosts some of the biggest New Hampshire and Massachusetts based car meets. It is a community of car enthusiasts that gather to show off their amazing cars and meet other car enthusiasts.

After many unsuccessful gatherings due to misbehaving attendees, I decided to offer some ideas to the administrator of the group. One of the issues was the locations could not be hidden from unwanted attendees. Another issue was that the administrator prefers to allow certain unique and/or modified vehicles. Considering all the issues, I decided to provide the group with a way to effectively manage attendees. The idea was to create a website in which attendees must register and get approved to view future car meet locations.


Sign In

Upon visiting the website, a sign-in form is displayed. Registered users have the option to enter either their e-mail or their license plate number for authentication.

Sign In
Sign Up

Sign Up

When signing up, we ask for a full name, e-mail, password, vehicle’s license plate number, a vehicle photo, an additional vehicle photo (not required at sign up), a list of vehicle modifications (if applicable), and security question & answer. Upon registration, we capture the user’s IP address. We only allow one account per IP address.

Uploaded vehicle photos are stored on

Forgot Password

If a user forgets their password, they can change it by answering the security question they select before signing up. First, we ask for the e-mail associated with the account. Then we ask for the answer to the security question. If the answer is correct, the user is redirected to a different page that has a 20 minute expiration where they can change their password.

Forgot Password
Unverified Account Dashboard

Pending Account

Upon successfully registering, the user is redirected to the dashboard. The account must be verified in order to view the car meet location. If the user waits on the dashboard, every 10 seconds we are checking if the user is verified, and once verified, they will immediately have access to the location. Otherwise, they can sign in later to check their account status.

Denied Account

If a user's account is denied, they will be required to resubmit a photo containing their vehicle's license plate number and an additional photo. Upon submission, their account will revert to pending.

Denied Account Dashboard
Approved Account Dashboard

Appoved Account

If a user's account is approved, they will have access to all future car meet locations. The dashboard displays the car meet's title, date, time, location, backup location (if available), and an announcement.

Account Settings

Users can navigate to the account settings via the menu to change their email, password, or add additional license plates to their account.

Account Settings

Administrator Portal


The administrator has an administrator portal where they can manage all the accounts. In the home page, a list of all unverified accounts is displayed. They can press “Accept” to approve an account or “Decline” to deny an account. If a denied user resubmits their photos, they will reappear here.

Administrator Portal Home
Administrator Portal Accounts


On the Accounts page, a list of all accounts is displayed. Here we can search for a specific account by email, name, or license plate number. When an account is expanded, we can view their vehicle photo(s), approve or decline their account, ban their account, and see the date when they created their account.

As aforementioned, we capture every user’s IP address upon registration. When an account gets banned, the IP address associated with their account is also banned.

Create/Edit Meet

We can create meets on the Create Meet page. Here we set all the details for the upcoming meet. On the Edit Meet page, we can edit the upcoming meet.

Administrator Portal Create Meet Administrator Portal Edit Meet
Administrator Portal Private Meet Requests Limited Private Meet Dashboard

Limited Private Meet Requests

When a meet is created, it is either public or private. All verified accounts can attend public meets. If a meet is private, verified users must send a request to attend. Private meets are limited, and the limit is set when selecting the "Private Meet" option when creating a meet. If the limit is reached, the administrator cannot approve additional requests. The requests are listed on the Private Meet Requests page.

Currently, Granite State Meets has 270+ registered users! By using the React library, users can navigate throughout the website seamlessly. Since all, if not most of the users visit the website via a mobile device, I decided to take a mobile-first approach when designing it. This is an excellent solution for Granite State Meets and for car enthusiasts who want to participate in safer car meets.